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Get to Know the Green Thumbs at Down to Earth

If you need help getting things growing on your property, talk to one of the helpful members of Down To Earth.

We don’t hire just anyone to join our team. We believe in supporting our community and the families in it. By hiring and training hardworking, long term team members who are excited and proud to see a job well done we continue to add hundreds of smiling, satisfied customers to our business every year.

Our team’s dedication translates directly to you and the success of your project. We’re proud of our community and of our team who live here.

Meet the Creative Force Behind Down to Earth

Eko and Kelly Chashai have been growing together for over 20 years. Travelling the world while farming and gardening brought them to Victoria.

While raising two children, they built Down To Earth, developing the nursery while installing landscapes and maintaining commercial properties. Their dedication and passion for what they do is apparent in all they create together.



Regular Nursery Hours

Tuesday to Sunday
9am to 5pm

Office Hours

Monday to Friday
9am to 5pm

Holidays - Nursery & Office Closed


1096 Derrien Place, Metchosin (Victoria), BC

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