Grow Your Own Citrus

Citrus plants offer a wide array of juicy fruit, including lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruit. And you can grow your own right at home.

Currently, at the nursery, we have a new stock of citrus trees: lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruit.

Meyer Lemon – A cross between citron and mandarin with very fragrant blossoms. The fruit is perfect for jams!

Oroblanco Grapefruit – A cold-hardy grapefruit that produces sweet fruit in regions with cooler summers. Perfect for the west coast!

Santa Teresa Lemon – This cold-hardy lemon is well sought after for its use in gourmet cooking and beverages.

Rangpur Lime – This December-ripening fruit is actually a mandarin! Think sour lime, with orange flavor.

Bearss Lime – This Persian variety is a cross between key lime and lemon, the fruit is sweeter than most limes.

Trovita Orange – Popular for home growers, this variety is relatively low-maintenance and produces tons of sweet fruit!

Mandarin ‘Lee x Nova’ – This hybrid mandarin produces sweet, seedless fruits early in the season. Absolutely delicious!

Washington Orange – This medium-sized tree produces seedless navel oranges.

Kaffir Lime – Native to South-east Asia, this variety is used commonly in Asian cuisines to flavour rice and broth. The leaves and fruit may be used.

Blood Orange ‘Moro’ – This hybrid produces rich, darkly colored fruit that is nearly seedless.

Lemon ‘New Zealand Lemonade’ – A cross between lemon and mandarin, this low-acid citrus tastes just like lemonade!

This summer you could be making smoothies or cocktails with your very own citrus! You can grow your own right at home.

Ask your Down To Earth team how to best incorporate citrus trees into your landscape design.



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