Slow Release Tree Watering Bag – a Drip Irrigation System for Trees

With Environment Canada calling for a warmer and drier summer in BC, this is the perfect product for gardeners with trees.

DeWitt Dew Right Slow Release Tree Watering Bags are great for homeowners with trees in their yard. The bags slowly release water to the roots of the tree and are a water-efficient way to keep trees healthy during hot summer months.

It is great for providing continuous water during summer droughts.

DeWitt Dew Right Bags provide a constant supply of moisture that deflects the damage of rapid temperature changes and also reduces the possibility of frost damage during the spring and fall.

Save time, save water, save trees, and no runoff. The 20-gallon watering bag releases water over 5-8 hours.

5-minute installation, easily prepared without tools.

  1. Zip bag around trunk.
  2. Fill Dew Right Bag with water from your hose.
  3. Let Dew Right do its job.

The ideal solution for:

  • Homeowners.
  • Any yard or landscape design that includes trees.
  • Parks & Recreation Departments
  • Municipalities & Golf Courses.

Take the stress out of planting new trees with the new DeWitt Dew Right, a 15-gallon tree watering bag designed to provide a drip irrigation system directly to tree roots over an extended period of time.

  • The bag only needs to be filled 1-2 times per week for most trees.
  • The bag is UV stabilized to endure extended exposure to sunlight.
  • Safe to use with nutrient or chemical additives.
  • Commercial quality and residential friendly.
  • Single bag fits trees up to 3” caliper and holds 20 gallons.
  • Attach 2 bags for trees 3 – 5” caliper and holds 40 gallons.
  • Made of heavy duty green coated polypropylene with nylon webbing, poly straps, and black nylon zippers.
  • Micro-perforated release points along the bottom seams.

While all of BC, including the Interior, will have above average temperatures, Coastal BC — which includes the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley — will likely see the biggest change in temperature.

For more information about how you can use the DeWitt Dew Right Slow Release Tree Watering Bags in your landscape design, please call or visit the nursery to speak with one of your Down to Earth garden and landscape specialists.

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