Smart Systems Save You Time, Water, & Money

What’s the point of watering if you’re just flushing water and money down the drain? Watering your rock walls, sidewalks, the street, your house, or your neighbours cat, isn’t a very efficient use of your water or money.

That’s why every smart irrigation system from Down to Earth is professionally planned by our irrigation design team to provide you with the largest impact total coverage while delivering the smallest loss of unrecouped water (and money).

Our Smart Systems are so efficient that they will even shut off when it’s raining.

Our Systems Stop Disasters Before They Happen

There are two things guaranteed to wreak havoc on your yard, lawn, and garden – Overwatering and, not watering at all.

Both of which can happen when your irrigation system breaks from a cracked pipe, a blown sprinkler head, or a complete system shut down.

With Our Systems You’re Safe!

Our Smart Irrigation Systems are designed to automatically shut down when they sense that something has gone wrong. Preventing your lawn and garden from becoming the newest pond in your neighbourhood or the latest desert to hit the island. Notifying you on your phone that your system has shut down and no water is running – Even if you’re on vacation.

Tell Us How We Can Help Your Yard!

Tell us about your irrigation needs and we’ll be glad to help you keep your yard, lush, beautiful, and happy.

Control Your System Everywhere – Even If You’re On Vacation

Want to have full control of your irrigation system without tinkering with the little box buried in your lawn? Every one of our Smart Irrigation Systems are wifi capable and are connected to you through your phone 24-7 no matter where you are.

Whether you’re sitting in your living room or sitting on a beach 2000 miles away, you’ll receive notifications of any problems and have full control over every area of your yard from the palm of your hand.

We’ll Include the Winterization!

Keeping a healthy running and optimized irrigation system requires maintenance throughout the year. Especially when the weather turns cold and there is a chance the underground pipes could freeze, leading to big issues and expensive repairs.

When you hire Down to Earth Irrigation to design and install your new smart irrigation system we’ll cover the fall maintenance and winterization for free. We want to ensure your system is running tip-top, and that your pipes are clean for the winter.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Winterization, and Spring Set-Up packages let us know using the form above and we’ll be happy to help.

21 Point Irrigation Inspection

Just like when you take your car to get a GOOD oil change, our irrigation technicians and design team will give your yard, landscaping plan and design a thorough inspection.

We make sure your new system is going to work and water perfectly. Just like we stated above – our goal is to help you conserve water while providing the largest impact with total coverage for every area of your yard, lawn, and garden.

Your Yard Isn’t Going to Irrigate Itself!

Tell us about your irrigation needs and we’ll be glad to help you keep your yard, lush, beautiful, and happy.

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