With Father’s Day approaching, Sunday, June 16th, 2019, we started thinking about what would be a great gift for dad this year. Then it came to us, let’s plant a rose, or a tree with dad, for dad, or in memory of dad.

Then every year when the rose grows and blooms, or the tree reaches new heights, we can take pictures with dad, creating a lasting memory with him, and/or in his memory.



Roses are here and starting to bloom. We have a great selection of Weeks Roses, David Austin Roses, and Rugosa Roses!

Did you know? Rugosa Roses are deer resistant and drought tolerant. A perfect match for Victoria landscapes.

We have roses and trees, and other, Down To Earth gift ideas for dads who like flowers and dads who like to garden.

Come take a look and find out what else we have for dad and the garden.