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Spring Service

Get better results from your lawn & gardens while saving money on water by having our pros get your system set up for maximum performance and efficiency.

We’ll check the health of your system, check your heads and make sure you are good to go for a great summer.

New Installs

Save your lawn and save money on your water bills with an irrigation system designed exactly for your yard, gardens, light & shade situation and budget.

We offer top quality systems and top quality install work. Plus, we put our money where our mouth is with a one year guarantee on our work.

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Custom Irrigation Installations That Save Your Lawn & Your Money

“A Properly Irrigated Lawn and Garden Is A Thing Of Beauty”

At Down to Earth our Irrigation Experts, and Certified Technicians will design, customize, and install an irrigation system perfect for your type of lawn, yard, and lifestyle on the Island.

From Rain Sensors to pause the sprinklers if the ground is too saturated, to highly efficient systems proven to lower your water bill, our professional installers are happy to make sure your yard stays looking great all year long.

Get the perfect irrigation system and make sure your lawn, garden, and bank account stay green without lifting a finger all year long.

Tell Us How We Can Help Your Yard!

Tell us about your irrigation needs and we’ll be glad to help you keep your yard, lush, beautiful, and happy.

Why Choose Down to Earth Landscaping in Victoria, BC?

We Have an Amazing Warranty!

When you hire Down to Earth Landscaping to transform your yard, you get more than “Wham Bam, Thank You Ma’am” landscaping and design. You hire an expert team of Victoria’s landscaping professionals and a world class nursery who stand behind their work and their plants.

When you hire us for the design and contract us for the implementation, you can rest easy knowing we will stand behind and warranty every rock, tree, and flower we use to design your yard for a full year after we’re done.

Ask us about how our World Class Warranty can protect your Luxury Outdoor Space.

We Only Deliver the Best

We don’t like surprises, and when it comes to your yard, neither should you. That’s why we control every aspect of what goes into your landscape design. From the rocks and earth, to trees, shrubs, and flowers. Every aspect of your design is inspected, scrutinized, approved, and quite possibly grown through our world class nursery just outside Victoria.

“We have to be confident that every piece of material, load of earth, tree, shrub and flower we add to your yard is ethically harvested and environmentally friendly. Giving you a beautiful luxurious outdoor space, with the piece of mind of knowing you’re building an Oasis that will be around for generations.”  – Kelly Chashai

We will never put anything in your yard that we wouldn’t have in our own nursery because we want you to love your landscaping, and trust that you’re building a healthy environment for you and your family.

You’ll not only enjoy the heck out of your yard, you’ll also live comfortably knowing that you have a healthy thriving yard, free from pathogens, pollutants, and contamination lurking under the soil.

Incredible Experience & Expertise

Building a World Class, and Luxurious Outdoor Space for you and your family means understanding your needs, your preferences, and your lifestyle.

Our job is to get your landscaping right, so you simply love it.

At Down to Earth we have been professional landscapers in the Victoria area for nearly 25 years so you know you’re dealing with a company who knows what grows, what looks good, and what will make your landscaping stand out. We’ve seen it all.

We run one of the biggest nurseries just minutes outside of Victoria. Giving us unparalleled experience when it comes to the horticulture that will make your yard POP. Every yard is different, and when it comes to your specific needs and tastes our team has the experience and expertise to give you the grand design that suits your lifestyle, budget, and vision.

We’re very creative, very passionate, and a very fun team who loves a job well done.

Your Yard Isn’t Going to Irrigate Itself!

Tell us about your irrigation needs and we’ll be glad to help you keep your yard, lush, beautiful, and happy.

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